Basics of Electrical ground system.

Earth ground installation. A good GROUND system is very important in any electrical installation to protect any of our electrical equipment, electronics, machinery, etc. against downloads electrical.

If an office or company already has a physical ground, then one knows the benefits that this has provided you as savings on repairs in our equipment and savings by not stopping their operations due to damaged equipment.

What is Earth, Ground, and Neutral?

Earth ground and neutral are different things. The neutral is the reference of the phases of our three-phase electrical system, is the “Negative” of the cable that carries the current.

The physical earth is the means of the discharge of the current that could be in the chassis of the equipment or in the case of occurring a short circuit is discharged by that means. To install the earth ground there are several methods.

How to install earth ground?

Electrical ground installation

The most common and most used method is to bury a rod in the ground. It is a conventional physical land, it consists of a rod covered by a thin layer of copper that is buried at a certain depth and covered by salts minerals, it will suffer deterioration over time due to the natural corrosion of the soil, thus generating a loss of the protection capacity, for which it is necessary to renew it.

If you want to have a better ground system you can place two or three rods at different points and join them between yes with a No. 6 electrical conductor.

A better method of installing a physical ground is to place a mesh spreading over a ground surface in mesh forms a bare electrical conductor of good thickness and cover it in the ground to a small depth.

The contact surface and the arrangement of the mesh generate greater protection than a conventional rod. For both cases, it is very important that the physical ground is one to neutral on the main switch. This union will allow having protection against electric shock and will help have a firmer and more stable three-phase electrical system.

Benefits of the ground system

•             Always remember that a good ground system is very much important in a safe electrical installation.

•             It is recommended not to forget that these copper pipes and other elements require maintenance as they suffer wear over time.

•             The reason for installing earth ground protection is as important as the purchase of the voltage regulation.

•             To protect your equipment against voltage fluctuations.

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